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It feels like nothing has changed much then why the hype about the emails.

It's true that most of the communication now happens via SMS and Instant Messaging but no enterprise can yet deny the importance of an email system that can reliably send/receive/archive/search the emails.

iTinSYnc is well aware of your needs. Our incoming email system uses iMAP protocol with the SSL encryption so you can safely receive the emails and no matter which computer, laptop, mobile device you may use, you will always find your email there. No more worries about losing your email because of a hard drive crash on the workstation or on your server. Let us take over that risk and headache. You spend your time and energies on the more important business processes.

Email access via Web

Emails with iTinSYnc include a very decent web access page.

Reliability and Versatility to use on the Client Software such as Outlook/Edura/ThunderBird

Almost any email client software that works with iMap over SSL, should work fine.
If you like to use your favorite Outllook, Edura, Thundirbird or other email client software? Sure, No configurations needed. Our services are configured to automatically provide the configuration on the fly so you don't have to do much. Just remember your id and password and "you are done!"

Mobile Access

Other than Microsoft, Who can deny mobile access for the enterprise info?
We have invested significant time and resources to ensure that you are able to use our collaboration tools and technologies on your Mobile devices.

Office 2012 Ready?

Microsoft office has been the most widely used office software product in the world. Our Email servers are configured to work with the outlook 2012 that's about to be released this year.


The email system contains state of the art Contacts management with too many options to choose from.
This feature is available on any device with the internet access.

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