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Calendar feature takes the burden out of organizing your schedule and is accessible from any device with Internet access.

Calendar system is very flexible and includes many options that make it easy to keep track of important events, including:

  • Fully configurable appointments with optional recurrence rules.
  • Email notification and notification within your Mail system of upcoming appointments.
  • Attendee and invitation status tracking.
  • Availability information about attendees.
  • Integration with Outlook.

To access your calendar, click the calendar icon. Depending on your account settings, the daily, weekly, monthly, or all appointments calendar view will load. Note: To view different calendars (such as shared calendars or mapped resources), click the Calendars menu at the top of the content pane and select the desired calendar.

For help understanding the different areas of the calendar see the picture here

Some great features are the Color Scheme for the quick recognition of the appointment/engagement types, and the Weather forecast on that day depending on your location.

This feature is available on any and all the devices connected with the internet services.


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