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IT Management


From the beginning, there is no denial in the value of the teamwork.

Collaboration within the organization or with the outside partners or vendors is the key to success. iTinSync understands the importance of collaboration. We provide our clients the tools and strategies for such collaborations to succeed.

Most available tools are either very expensive hence out of reach of the smaller budget organizations or very complicated to deploy and manage. iTinSYnc makes that extremely easy for our clients.

We do not host anything with Google or Microsoft or other services provider s that would mine your data and provide all your information to their partners/vendors/subscribers in the name of "sharing" your information for better services. Services need not to be better at the expense of your privacy and data, they should be better because "YOU" the client is subscribing to them in the form of payments.

Many clients choosing to put the collaborations infrastructure in-house with small budgets, end up paying expensive per unit license fees and support fees and hiring engineers to keep up with the infrastructure. Do hire engineers but not to keep up with the tools and gears, Engineers could be much more productive looking to better the very Information Technology in your business processes.

 We at iTinSYnc believe that we deliver value to our clients that no other can. Our tools and servers comply with PCI/HIPAA/SAS70 standards. 

Our SLA's include 99% uptime guarantees.