IT Management

Managed Services for The Businesses without those Tricky and Clumsy plans

  1. The ultimate solution for automating recurring IT tasks.
  2. Gets you up and running quickly and securely with the SSL technologies.
  3. Secure and redundant with a 99% SLA.
  4. No need to open any inbound ports on the client machines, Our tools securely connects in any network configuration without introducing susceptibility to inbound port probes or new network attacks.
  5. We utilize the encryption that protects against the attacks.
  6. Proactive monitoring of servers, workstations, remote computers, Windows Event Logs and applications is critical to security, network performance and the overall operations of the infrastructure.
  7. Patch Management automatically keeps servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest important security patches and software updates.
  8. We manage 24/7 systems monitoring and Alerts for your infrastructure so you can concentrate on the other more important IT and operations tasks.
  9. Providing the reports to the clients about their systems' health and productivity
  10. A support model of Managed Services monthly program so the clients do not meet much unknowns in any given IT yearly expense report.
  11. Highly technical consultancy certified by Microsoft, Computer Industry Alliance (Comptia), and CIW.
  12. Ability to reach the service provider via Phone, Fax, Email, and cellular texting.
  13. No universal plan, but the custom SLA's for the clients' specific business needs.
  14. Every reported managed infrastructure support instance notes available on demand securely to the clients.
  15. Performance and results based services.
  16. Plans available for the Business hours Diagnosis assistance to the IT Manager or CIO.

IT management Services Plan:

Monthly Pricing for the Managed Services and IT Management:

There are no restrictions on number of computers.

No by the computer charges. We don't believe in nickle and diming you. Yor are hiring us to provide IT Management consultancy to yourself, or your office manager, or your CIO. Our goal is to bring the value to the table in the form of taking care of overall management of IT infrastructure in an enterprise.

We write custom SLA's for each valued client. No 2 clients are same. We cate the unique needs of each client.

IT management consultancy is designed to not only help you with IT processes but also navigate the opportunities both for your business and ours for the Business Processes Management. IT tools could have a proven impact on the way you go about your business by streamlining, organising, and controlling many business processes by automating them.

We work with All Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac servers.

Collaboration Services: We have invested in collaboration services that are included for all our clients as an optional service if they like. Collaboration includes Company Calendars, Company Instant Messaging, Premium Email boxes with no limits, Task Management, and much more.

We also help you devise, configure and deploy the business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Contract Length: Our IT Management services SLA's require two years contract terms.



What is Monitoring: You may not realize how many issues your users and or the systems are having

We get the automated info from your systems that translates into the instances to be supported without draining your corporate $$.

If I called your company to discuss my Company's Technical needs or projects, How much is the charge?

None. We are there for a mutual success and not to drain your corporate $$.

What if we are not a monitored client but want to get a Project done, How much is by the hour rate?

We price any and all the support activities by the instance and not by the hours. There is no counting minutes and hours. A job is done the best way possible to the client's satisfaction and the client is charged for the work after they are satisfied, again, Not by the hour but by the project/support instance.

Prices are agreed between the client and us, "before the start of work".

Some services that we perform very often are below:

Technology Procurement Services
  1. Need Analysis for the client environment to procure the appropriate hardware.
  2. Advising the client for the hardware procurement straight from the real vendor hence cutting all "man in the middle" money making tricks and saving the clients valuable resources that they could use in their business operations where it's needed the most.
  3. Confirming the hardware configuration compliance after the receipt by the client.
  4. Call, email, fax, or Submit the form at Contact us Page for the price and the details.
Infrastructure Configurations Based on Microsoft Technologies
  1.  Microsoft Windows 2003 Active Directory migration to Windows 2008 ADDS
  2. Microsoft Windows 2012 ADDS setup.
  3. Public Domain setups along with the website and the email services.
  4. Microsoft Exchange 2007 and 2010 setup with the Windows 2008/2012 ADDS.
  5. Microsoft SQL 2008 R2/2012 setup and fine tuning.
  6. Assessing the clients' needs and readiness to go for IAAS and SAAS technologies and providing the appropriate consultancy for the services with Pros and cons for the public vs private cloud with Apache/Tomcat using LAMP vs Microsoft Windows solutions using IIS and SQL server.
  7. Planning of Business Continuity Policies.
  8. Planning of Disaster Recovery Policies.

Some tools we custom built for our clients:

AA Check Signer (Designed with Security in mind)
  1. Built from the ground up on Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  2. Compatible with older Windows XP operating system.
  3. Security Pins are utilized that are texted to the configured Cell phone or emailed to the configured mail box.
  4. Utilization of One-time Pass-codes.
  5. 3 different levels of security to choose from.
  6. 2 step and 1 step printing. Pick on the basis of your security policies.
  7. $800 for 2-step signing solution with $75 quarterly support fees. No hidden costs, no gimics.
  8. $2000 for one step standalone signing solution with $90 quarterly support fees.
  9. Why are we different? Your support fees cover you for all the upcoming enhancements. We provide all the smtp accounts support for the life of the product as long as the  support contract is in place.
  10. You are replacing the PC? or wanting to compress the database? All this is covered under the support agreement. No hidden tricks.
  11. Never be outdated again. With the support contract you are never going to be using obsolete versions. Product Life span is approximately 5 years on Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8.

Employees Time Management Tool:

  1. Iternal or External web based tool.
  2. Employees can punch in and out using their computer browser, an or their smart phone. But internal web will dicate that employee must be inside the building.
  3. Employer can get reports weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/and custom reports regarding worked hours.
  4. Almost NO learning curve since it just works!

Call, email, fax, or Submit the form at Contact us Page for the additional questions or the project Price quotes.